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I decided to put together this site after finding Stuart Maughan's site and reading through the guestbook, where some people have said that they would like to revisit Mwadui. I was lucky enough to go back there in May 1997 with Kay Berry (nee Needham). Between us, we took almost 200 photographs and I thought that the best way to share these photographs would be to create a complimentary site to Stuart's ...

Hopefully, in conjunction with Stuart's site, these pages will help to keep alive the memories of Mwadui ... and in particular the story of endurance, hardship and self-belief that Dr Williamson went through before discovering the first Mwadui diamond.

At present, this site is simply a gallery of the photographs taken in May 1997 plus some old photos from the Seall family album. However, I am sure that, with the help of Stuart and other ex-Mwadui-ites, both sites will develop further ...


I was born in Mwadui on 19th September 1957, son of Ted and Monty Seall. My sister, Sue, was born in April 1956. We lived in Hopley, in the house nearest to the security compound. Our neighbours were the Sleights.

My parents arrived in Mwadui in 1952. Ted originally worked in the security compound installing and maintaining plant; he then went on to become a teacher in the Technical Training School. Monty had secretarial positions in various departments, including the Geology Office and the Diamond Protection Division. They now live in Portsmouth.

I attended the infants school (English Medium School), being in Mrs Andradee's class and then Mrs Meinekie's class, before leaving in November 1964.

I now live in Horsham, West Sussex, UK with my wife Alison, our son Freddie (born 1991) and three Glen of Imaal Terriers, Rory,Breege and Tierney. I work for British Airways at Heathrow as a flight planner and Alison is a specialist nurse at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford.


At present, this site is a collection of photos divided into areas that I feel most people will remember. I have labelled the pictures to the best of my memory ... do please let me know if I have made any errors!

I hope you enjoy the site ... Stuart and I have agreed that it would be best to keep the Guest Book comments on one site ... so, if you have any comments or suggestions, please go to Stuart's Guest Book. (The Guest Book link at the top of each of these pages will take you back to Stuart's site).

My e-mail address (from February 2005) is I look forward to hearing from other ex-Mwadui folk!


Click on the Mwadui Map link for a schematic layout of the township, as it was in 1959. There are 26 clickable links back to the photographs ... see if you can find them all! (Move your cursor around the map and when it changes to a hand ... click to see where you are)!

If you can't find them all ... or you feel that I've placed some links incorrectly ... please let me know!